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We are a faith community of Roman Catholic Christians dedicated to lovingly extending the mission and ministry of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, through Word, Sacrament and Christian Service to the people of Ravenna and the surrounding area, all to the Glory of God.
From the Pastor

DECEMBER 30, 2018


"Cry out with joy and gladness for among you is the great and Holy One of Israel."  -- Is. 12:6

Christmas as a child in my parents' home was always a time of excitement and joy. The house was filled with the wonderful smell of my mother's cooking and the sound of my father's singing. Mother was preparing our traditional Slovak Christmas Eve dinner of mushroom soup. All the while hiding as much of her Christmas baking from us as she could so that there would be something left for company. Dad would be sitting in the living room in his favorite chair and singing along with Mitch Miller or to a Slovak Christmas record for St. Matthias Church in Youngstown. We didn't understand the words in Slovak but we all sang along just for the fun of it. The Christmas tree sat in the sun porch lit for the entire neighborhood to see. We were all filled with anticipation of what our presents were. We would open them on Christmas Eve after dinner. Our presents came from Baby Jesus, who left them in the attic where we were not allowed to go during this time of the year. After dinner was done and the presents were opened there would be another round of carols and a great fire in the backyard of all the shredded wrapping and any scraps from dinner. Then off to bed to anticipate what Christmas Day would bring.

It was birthday in our house. It was the birthday of my two brothers Bobby and Dicky, who were born on Christmas Day. We were the only family that I knew of that on Christmas Day had birthday cake for dessert at dinner. Christmas morning was going to church and then home for dinner, birthday cake and presents for the twins. Later the house was filled with friends and relatives who would stop by all evening and visit. Christmas night ended quietly with empty cookie platters and full bellies. When all the guest had gone and my brothers were off to bed, I could sit on the floor by the Christmas tree and look at the lights and survey my gifts. Then I would think "Thank you God for everything, but why did you have to share your birthday with my little brothers?"

As we all got older Christmas presents became less important and going to midnight mass became a tradition. I have forgotten the words to the Slovak carols but I can still make the mushroom soup. But, what became more and more important was not the food, the presents or even the songs but being with those you love and those who love you. Change is part of our lives but the promise that God has fulfilled coming to us will never change. So sing, cry out, and shout for joy for the Great and Holy One, Jesus is among us today.

May God bless your Merry Christmas and all the New Year.

Father Bill Kraynak

Stewardship Thought
January 1, 2019 - "...the Gentiles are co-heirs, members of the same body, and co-partners in the promise in Christ Jesus through the Gospel."   -- Ephesians 3:6.

Today we celebrate that Christ came to all of us, not just the Hebrews. He has given each of us unique gifts. We all have different yet equally valuable roles to play in the Body of Christ. Pray daily and ask God how He wants you to use your gifts so that we may all "be one".

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