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St. Mary Cemetery


The St. Mary Cemetery is located at 851 Mill Road, Ravenna. [Get Directions]



We routinely visit the cemetery and make improvements so that our grounds continue to be pleasant and welcoming.  Please review the following regulations and communicate them with your family members or care takers. 

NON GROWING SEASON:  November 1st – March 1st
  • Artificial Items – flowers, decorations, wreaths and crosses are permitted during this period.
  • Evergreen Blankets or Coverings – Are not permitted at any time.
  • Decorations – should be placed firmly on the grave. Any that become wind blown and dislodged will have to be discarded at our discretion.
  • Decorations that become unsightly will be removed in order that our parish cemetery will be presentable at all time.

GROWING SEASON: March 1st – November 1st

  • Artificial Decorations and Ornaments – of any kind are not permitted during the growing season except for the holidays of EASTER, MOTHER'S DAY, MEMORIAL DAY and FATHER'S DAY.  Decorations will be allowed one (1) week before and will be removed one (1) week after each of these holidays.  If you wish to save these decorations we ask to please remove them before the specified time.
  • To protect both visitors and workers from injury during the mowing season, artificial flowers are not permitted in the cemetery during the growing season, except in monument vases or on the above mentioned holidays.


  • Fresh Cut Flowers – are permitted anytime, but they will be removed when they become unsightly.  Planting on graves is not permitted with the exception of annuals.  No small shrubbery and hostic.  We would ask that the family plan only one (1) bouquet at a time.
  • Flags – may be placed on veteran's graves from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Kindly take the flag and holder home and return them when permitted.  The holders are hazardous to workers and equipment during maintenance operations throughout the growing season.  All flags are provided by local VETERANS ASSOCIATIONS.
  • Statues – of any kind are not permitted on individual graves.  Throughout the cemetery, there may be parish purchased statutes that add to the prayerful reflection of the cemetery.  Only approved cemetery markers and monuments are permitted at each grave.
  • Outlining Graves – or markers with a metal frame, stone hedging, crushed stone or larger wood ships are not permitted.  Movers discharging these objects create an unsafe environment to our families and employees.
  • Parking – Please park on the road and not the grass.
  • Trash Containers – Please use the containers located throughout the cemetery.
  • Water Faucets – We ask that you please make sure to turn off the water faucets when you are finished using them.

Each week during the growing season cemetery personnel may remove unsightly (wilted flowers) decorations from graves, crypts and niches.  Normally, spring clean-up begins in early March, weather permitting, and all winter decorations are removed at this time.  Fall clean-up begins in late September early October and all summer decorations are removed at this time.

Thank you in advance for your attention and support in keeping our cemetery a place of respect, dignity and prayer. 


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