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We are a faith community of Roman Catholic Christians dedicated to lovingly extending the mission and ministry of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, through Word, Sacrament and Christian Service to the people of Ravenna and the surrounding area, all to the Glory of God.
From the Pastor

FUNERAL BEREAVEMENT LUNCHEONS The Care Team of the Immaculate Conception parish would once again like to be able to offer some form of reception to families of our current parishioners when a death occurs. Because of the many concerns about the transmission of Covid19 we have had to stop offering this ministry. Now we believe we have the ability to offer some form of luncheon under the following provisions.

  1. We will need to limit the number of people who attend a reception in Tobin Hall to 50 people. This may mean we may only be able to accommodate the immediate family.
  2. For the sake of safety, all food items will need to come from one kitchen rather than many home kitchens. We would also like to make sure that food and serving utensils are handled by as few people as possible and that proper precautions are maintained by everyone.
  3. The menu for the luncheons will be limited to a much simpler variety of foods. We will not be able to serve any food that is brought in by family or friends. Any food items that may be brought in for the reception that is not from the committee will be stored and passed along to the family for their use or disposal.

We are trying to rebuild this ministry again as a free service to the members of our parish in their time of need. But at this time beginning again we will be taking baby steps.

All requests for a reception will need to be taken on a case by case basis. There may be a need to use the I. C. Social Hall but that would be only on a limited basis and may require private catering as we don't have volunteers to handle this type of service at this time.

                                                            --- Father Bill Kraynak

Stewardship Thought
September 19, 2021: "If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all."  -- Mark 9:35

Jesus teaches us that we are called to love one another. Love involves sacrifice. Sacrifice is a word that many of us don't like to hear. We think it means that we must give up something that we want. However, the literal meaning of sacrifice is "to make holy," from the words "sacer" = sacred and "facere" = to make. In other words, we make our lives holy by sharing our gifts in the service of God.

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